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Consider this conundrum: the moment a person experiences even COVID-19-related symptoms, they are told to seek medical testing or treatment, and, in the earlier stages of the outbreak, such may have even made national news! Meanwhile, not one word is uttered when 10,000 become infected with the virus that “can kill both soul and body in hell” (cf. Matt. 10:28; Rom. 6:23).

Typically, most news programs are too busy talking about how President Trump has a secret torture chamber exclusively for slow lorises; or about the apparent “truth” that everyone is racist except those whose skin is black, brown, red, yellow, pink, blue, green, or purple; or telling women that “Christian” white men all are closet mysogynists and rapists. In fact, even on “religious” programs, they are far too busy prattling on about how much God loves people in spite of their sin, to mention the fact that God will condemn people for their sin in spite of His love for them!

Isn’t it sad that even a navigation system practices New Testament principles more soundly than do most humans? The instant you turn off your GPS’s highlighted route, two things willhappen: (1) Your “misstep” will be brought to your attention; (2) You will be provided with correctional instructions. How ironic that this is exactly what the NT ordains regarding spiritual missteps (cf. Luke 17:3; Matt. 18:15-18; Eph. 5:11)!

On the other hand, imagine if you made that wrong turn, and your GPS said, “Aw, that’s OK. We all make mistakes. Don’t you worry—God knows your heart and loves you anyway. Say, how about that game last night! Wow-wee!” Sure, you wouldn’t feel bad about your error, but you also wouldn’t reach your desired destination. Friend, it is so in the spiritual realm, as well. Sin. Is. Serious (Isa. 59:1,2).

“Behold then the goodness and the severity of God: toward those who have fallen, severity; but toward you, God’s goodness,if you continue in his goodness. Otherwise you too will be cut off.”

ROMANS 11:22

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