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Isn’t it exciting when we read or hear something that boggles our minds, or perhaps even stretches our imaginations, leaving us in a sense of wonder and awe? Books, movies, television, video games, etc. provide an escape—a vacation into the boundless wonders of the mind.

There are, indeed, things in the Bible that stun us into awe-inspired admiration, and even anticipation. However, this hunger for fascination, this thirst for the fantastical, if left unchecked, can potentially, and will eventually, lead to doctrinal error (cf. 2 Tim. 4:2-4).

One particular doctrine that comes to mind in this connection is that of the “End Times,” with its interwoven concepts of “The Rapture,” “The Tribulation,” “Armageddon,” the “Millennial Reign/Kingdom” of Christ, etc. (usually simplified “Premillennialism”).

In this series, we will examine the plain statements of Scripture relevant to the “End Times,” and draw no conclusions but those which are strictly warranted by those statements: no reading between the lines; no forcing assumptions or preconceived notions into Scripture; no church doctrines or religious traditions: we start with a total blank, then we fill up exclusively with all the relevant Bible passages, analyze them with honest, truth-seeking hearts, and accept whatever they collective say—nothing added, nothing subtracted. 

Don’t make the Bible say whatever you believe; make yourself believe whatever the Bible says.

You know what men have said about the “End Times.” Want to know what God says about it? Let’s find out together…

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