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Are you a member of the body, or a citizen of the kingdom? WAIT! Whew, that was close… Before you answer, we have to consider what these two designations mean. Just hold your little horses for a minute… MEMBER OF THE BODY In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul has an extended discussion on the body of

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Parents often ask questions to their children that are just plain silly. For instance, when a child spills a drink, a parent may hotly demand, “Why did you do that?” Clearly, it was an accident, and there was no “why” to it! But still we ask. Then there is my personal favorite, the mother of

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LIFE (PT. 2)

So what, then, does the Bible say about the meaning of life? Why are we here on the earth? What are we to do? What is my purpose on this earth? What is your purpose? What is uncle Steve’s purpose? LOOK FOR THE TRUTH Paul the apostle strolls into the city of Athens, Greece, a notorious haven

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